What happens in class?

We start with a short relaxation, then practice physical postures (asana) for around an hour. This is followed by breathing practices (pranayama) and finally a relaxation or meditation practice.

What do I need?

You’ll need a mat, although I can lend you one for a short while when you start classes. Come in loose comfortable clothing. You don’t need expensive specialist gear, but you do need to wear clothes that don’t restrict your movement. Layers of clothing are useful, so that you can be warmer in the relaxation, but take something off if you get a bit too hot during the asana practice.

​You don’t need any footwear, but bring some socks to keep your feet warm in relaxation.

A blanket can be nice for the final relaxation, either to lie on or cover you, and you can also use it to sit on.

What can yoga do for me?

Yoga can make you stronger and more flexible, and help you to relax and have more clarity of mind.

Is yoga for me?

Yes.  Everyone can benefit from yoga, regardless of age or ability.  Your yoga practice is for you alone, and classes are not competitive. If you’re really not sure you can pay as you go for two weeks before committing to a block of lessons.

Do I pay when I’m on holiday?

Places are booked for a block of lessons, but I will adjust the price of the lessons for annual holidays if I am given notice of absences at the time of booking.